The Goldsmith and Princess

The Goldsmith and Princess

Once upon a time, there was a king in a distant city, he had a daughter.
Because she was alone, the king took the palace a black kid to the hanging out and playing.
When the child grew slightly but the king feared of getting her daughter.
So he wanted to clear the palace. That gave him a letter and told him to go to find God.
The child took the letter and started. Walked days and nights. Eventually he came to a church and there was presented a monk. The child gave him the letter, he read it and then in turn, gave him a bottle of water and a letter. He told him to bathe in this water, but leave a piece in hand to appear to be black, and to keep the letter for when the time is right.

So he did.
After years then, the child made a lot of money and opened a jewelery shop in the same city that was the king.
The Princess meanwhile had grown up and were sending many matchmaking to marry.
But she wanted the child who had the goldsmith. The king did not want to spoil the chatiri the only daughter and so he called the child to the palace.
Then she gave him the letter of the monk and showed the scar on his hand.
The letter read: << The writings are not write it off !!! >>
The princess married the child and they lived well and mice better !!!
Marilena and Nikos Katsaros Katsaros
Like the grandmother said Alexandra Mouzakiti (Koutsonori)
Avliotes, in June 2018, work on the Primary School Ailioton

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