Ilie My perilie

Ilie My perilie

Ilie My perilie and my kosmogyriste
Never saw not answered beautiful girls?

Yesterday I saw the dance, now in the bazaar
And the captain in the beautiful boat docks.

Hundred gives the ship and sixty of the sea
Chu and another hundred sailors to come to the price.

The naftoras etharepse, in the bosom of spreads
And that the fear and the shame,
Paddle ball in the sea and drowned the nun.

The waves spanking three days and three nights,
The fourth threw Stis Alexantreies taps.

Gone are Alexandria for water to drink and giomisoun,
Leaves giomisma, grip myroloi.

Mother body for hugging and waist girdle
And with that mouth dachtylidoto put in hell.

(As the martyred Georgia Th. Mouzakiti kilo, the granddaughter of Helen Th. Mouzakiti kapodetsente 1983)


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