The "spell"

The "spell"

In the past, when someone felt unwell or inexplicably lethargic, they said they were staring. Someone looked at him, said something bad about him, they beat him. That was the cause of the evil. Thus the popular wisdom found as a way of immediate treatment the dissection with a spell, which in each place has a different performance. Here we will see the spell as Maria Mouzakiti learned it from her grandson around 1977.

'' Saints Anargyros of Jesus Christ
The world's first doctors,
where you cured lame, lame, crooked, disabled
heal the servant of the god (so .....)
where he is glanced, admired and heartily caught,
from bad lotteries, from bad passers-by
by man, by woman, by   jealousy by envy
from a bad meeting.

To go to the wild mountains and to the wild valleys,
to take root to cave and not to turn back.
Φφφφφ ..... air carried (blows semicircularly)
Damn ... and he spread the bad. (does not spit, just says it)
(From Fffff .. to scatter it, three times).
On December 25, Christ was born, resurrected, walked the earth, healed the servant of God. "

(He says the whole spell three times)

In order for it to dry you out, to "catch" the unwinding, that is, the one who says the spell must   be born on Saturday. And if he yawns loudly during the clearing, then success is guaranteed.

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