The original core of the Library was about five hundred books collected by our Village Association in the early 1980s. The donations of fellow villagers and friends were also added. Here are some donor names:

The authors-anthologists Renos, Erkos and Stanis Apostolidis, the Honorary Inspector, Kostas G. Mouzakitis, the Honorary President of the Court of Appeal, Spyros Mouzakitis, Nikos and Igna Agathou, Alexandra Gouli, Pavlos and Dionysia Mouzakitis, psychiatrist Andreas Gousis, Vassiliki Mouzakitis-Karapanou, Katerina Mouzakiti-Koursari and her son Kostas Koursaris, Aleka Leontitsi, Eva Theotokatou, Maria Perraki, Rosentia Karamoutsou, Julia Rallidou, Claire Rossi, Paediatrician Spyros Savvanis, Yannis Sfyridis and many others, Agra, Alexandria, Apostropos, Estia, Livanis, Kaleidoscope, Kastaniotis, Kedros, Flight, Pioneer, Oceanian, while vi They have been offered by the writers Antonios Agios, Kostas Apergis, Athena Kakouri, Konstantinos Karamoutsos, Nikos Kourkoumelis, Karolos Klimis, Maroula Klifafe, Giorgos Carter, Tellos Pandis, Giorgos Sourtzinos, Giorgos Chandrinos and others. For the omissions of their names, we ask for the apology and understanding of our friends ...

Many books were obtained at our request, from donations of remarkable intellectual bodies and many individuals. The Hellenic Parliament, the Academy of Athens, the Heaven Foundation, the National Book Center, the Hellenic Book Association, the National Hellenic Research Foundation, the Army General Staff, the Air Force and the Navy, the Benaki Museum, the Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), the Hellenic Folkloric Historical Archive (ELIA), the Cultural Institutions of the National Bank of Greece and Alpha Bank, the Ionian University, the Metropolitan Bishopric of Paxos and Diaspora Of the Islands, the Municipality of Corfu, the Reading Company of Corfu, the Corfu Company the Corfu Philharmonic Society, the General Archives of the Prefecture of Corfu, the Corfu Association of Attica, the Association of Avliotion Attica, the Municipality of Tavros, while the Ministry of Education had granted a remarkable amount for the purchase of books in the past.

Special mention is due to the very valuable donation of the great benefactor of the Lending Library, born in Corfu, a well-known writer and former director of the Library of the Athens College, Kyriakou Delopoulos, who, besides about 1,200 books of general nature, donated a special collection of 450 books with the dedication of their writers to him.

Also very important was the donation of the books of the unforgettable Corfiot professor Zois Himarou, consisting of about 2,000 titles, obtained thanks to the courtesy of the professor of TG.M.G.M. of the Ionian University, Yannis Lazaratos.

Also very moving was the donation to our Library, the books from the donation of the devoted Donatos and Ioulia Paefetis, donations of their children Agathis and Marios Paephetis. These books compose a variety of intellectual interests and reflect the content of Corfu urban libraries.

A large acquisition (about 700 books) was a large part of the library of the late, marvelous researcher and writer Anthony Agios, after the emotional donation of her husband Maria and his son Yiannis Ayios. This donation was enriched by some of his personal items, such as the office of others, which decorate a corner of the hall that hosts the Ionian collection.

Finally, the Loil Library of Aulliotes received the donation of the Petrou Yihola family, in memory of George and Alice Yihola.

Apart from the dozens of book donors, we have to say that we had the support of the Prefecture of Corfu (in 2006) and the two Mayors Yannis Provatas and Alekos Avlonitis, the Municipal Councils and the Development Company of the former Municipality of Esperion, as we received (in 2004 -2009) a decent annual subsidy for operating expenses and cataloging of our Library. Already, much of it has been cataloged with proper library criteria, thanks to the work of librarians Stella Liitourgi, Gianna Siameti and Andrianis Chandrinos.

Finally, in 2012, an application was approved by our club to ANION - OTA, for the modernization of our library by the leader program, where EUR 28,767.24 was approved.