As far as the most difficult part of our effort is concerned, namely the motivation of interest and love for the Library, we organize in cooperation with the schools visits of the pupils of our region in the Library area, and it has been established for fifteen years, an annual student exhibition competition at Avliotes school center, with the best exhibitions award, thus achieving the attraction of a large number of students, who are regular readers. There is also excellent cooperation with the neighboring Gymnasium of Amphipagiton. Indicatively, it is reported that, on average, approximately 1,500 books are circulated per year!

In addition to the collection of old photographs of local interest, the creation of a relevant archive and the organization of thematic exhibitions, four photo calendars have been published to stimulate a large portion of the population and to raise awareness of respect for our environment and our cultural heritage.

At the same time, in the past, lectures and various cultural events have been organized with great success, such as the presentation in our Cultural Center of the theatrical monologist Omormaphimis, with the well known actress Natalia Kapodistrias (2012) and the Polyphonic dance of Kynopiastes "Neighborhood "(2013), on a beautiful evening of Corfiot folk music tradition.

Another very important and successful activity of the Lending Library was the organization - for five consecutive years (!) - of summer children's painting courses, which offered, with absolute immediacy and success, the well-known painter Fani Michailidis, wife of the painter Spyros Koursaris. It was a very nice idea that sensitized young and old around the artistic themes and the creative, creative expression.

Special mention is due to the extremely moving offer of the well-known Corfiot painter Spyros Koursaris, who offered his work in triplicate to our library, depicting a marine landscape of our region entitled "At the edge of the western horizon". The three versions of this landscape were printed in 150 numbered and signed by the same copies, with the noble purpose of supporting the objectives of our Library.

In these ways, the Lending Library of Avliotes, a bright local spiritual home, seeks to contribute, with its small forces, to the organization of any relevant event that promotes the culture of our country in every expression.

Nowadays, thanks to the completion of the Leader program, we have a modern multipurpose room with modern audiovisual media, the secretariat - library support room, the reading room with a "child corner" to make the children 's approach and connection more friendly with the Library, the room in which the great donation of Kyriakos Delopoulos has been partially deployed and the chamber of the special Ionian collection, which aims at gathering as much as possible heptansis n versions.

At the same time, the Library's modern website was created, with a rich archive of photographs, easily accessible and with special specifications.