Our Library!

The Lending Library of Avliotes was founded in 1998 by a group of twenty young scholars, who wanted to create a core of love and visibility of the book. It is housed on the first floor of the "Avliotes Cultural Center", a modern and spacious building located in the village square, occupying 120 sq. M.

In addition to the dissemination and study of books, we include the preservation and promotion of the special cultural identity of the Corfiot countryside, and we aspire to contribute to the general development of culture in our region. Almost 10,000 volumes have been collected, mainly with Greek and foreign literature, history, folklore, political science, philosophy, religion, art, children's books and albums.

The Lending Library, is a library model, for whole of North Corfu and has the potential to attract and serve readers from the wider region of the hinterland. It can be a dynamic, knowledge-based vector through Digital Technology and on the other hand is a way to rescue and conservation of the Ionian cultural specificity.

Attracting residents, especially students!

As far as the most difficult part of our effort is concerned, is the motivation of interest and love towards the Library. So we organize, in cooperation with the schools, visits of the pupils of our region to the Library. Also, we have established an annual student contest for the exhibition at the Avliotes school center, awarding the best exhibitions, thus achieving the attraction of a large number of students who are regular readers! Indicatively, we note that, on average, of 1,500 books are circulated per year! Additionally, we promote the continuous collection of old photos of local interest and the creation of a relevant file (their number exceeds 2,000).

For this purpose, we have organized several thematic photography exhibitions, we have published four thematic calendars, while we are targeting the release of a related album. The role of photography is very important, as it moves a large portion of the population, brings us closer to the Library and sensitizes us to issues of respect for our environment and our cultural heritage.

Another successful and worthwhile activity of our Library was the organization - for five consecutive years - of summer children's painting lessons, which were offered by the well-known painter Fani Michailidis, the wife of the Corfiot, a remarkable painter, Spyros Koursaris. It was an idea that sensitized young and old people around artistic issues and contributed substantially to the source and creative expression.

Financial support needing!

As regards support for our actions by local government, the Municipality of Esperion provided the library with  € 2,500 a year to cover the operating costs and the costs of retrospective cataloging. This sponsorship, absolutely necessary for the survival and elementary function of the Library, had been interrupted since the abolition of the Municipality of Esperion.

Following our request to the Municipality of Corfu, on 5/6/2013, a grant of € 2,000.00 was finally approved, which was given to us once on 14/4/2014.

Finally, a very important event for the upgrading of the Library, which now implies even more demanding requirements, is that from 2012 through ANION - OTA, the Lending Library of Avliotes, has been included in the European leader program. The amount of EUR 28,767.24, mainly concerning logistical equipment, has been approved. We are now in the implementation phase.

The Lending Library of Aulliotes has found a warm response from the inhabitants of our country, and we believe, it is a bright local spiritual home, which can grow much more.

We greatly thank all those who contribute to our efforts to disseminate and study books.

We hope your active support!


Our goal!

The dissemination and study of books, as well as the preservation and enhancement of the particular cultural identity of the Corfiot countryside while aspiring to contribute to the general development of the culture in our region.

"Preservation and promotion of the special cultural identity of the Corfiot countryside"


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